The Kidderminster West Team have attempted to answer some intriguing questions put forward by our young people. 

Session 1: Creation
How did God create the world? Do some Christians believe in the big bang theory? Why are there no dinosaurs in the Bible?

Session 2: Miracles
How could Jesus do things like control the sea when they aren’t possible to do? Who gave Jesus those powers?

Session 3: The Trinity
If God created Jesus, who created God? If Jesus is also God why do we say God is his father?

Session 4: The Church
Why do we have church? How do you feel when you are at church? how does the music at church make you feel? is it exciting to be at church? Do Christians invite friends over for dinner?

Session 5: The problem of evil
Why do bad things still happen if God is in charge?

Session 6: Atonement - Coming Soon!
Why did Jesus die? How could Jesus dying be for us?