Co-vid 19 and Social Distancing during Services

Regulations for when our Churches re-open. 

We very much look forward to welcoming warmly those who are able to attend the Holy Eucharist at 10.00 am. Please note that the following measures will be in place:

1 Anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus should stay at home. The service will be livestreamed for those at home from our Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to access this page. It will also be live via zoom. An Invite will be sent out or contact the clergy to request details.

2 Those who are ‘extremely clinically vulnerable’, as defined by government, are advised not to attend.

3 Those who are over 70 and/or clinically vulnerable, should take particular care to minimise contact with others outside of their household/‘bubble’.

4 The church will open for the service from 9.30 am. Our Capacity is a maximum of 31 in St John’s, which includes some couples sitting together. The number of “Couple” places are restricted.. In the event of reaching maximum capacity, please understand that, for safety reasons, we will be obliged to turn people away.

5. Please enter the church via the main door. Disabled access is by the tower door.

6 You are warmly encouraged, in advance of arrival, to download a service-sheet which will be available from the Facebook page from Friday. Paper service-sheets will be available on a table by the door (after sanitising your hands) for those who are unable to bring their own or access one via an electronic device. It is very important that all service sheets are taken away with them at the end of the service. These should be bought back and used again.

7. Members of the congregation are welcome to wear face-coverings if they wish; this is not mandatory at the time of writing. Please watch for government guidelines.

8 Members of the congregation are kindly asked to sanitise their hands at the station on their way in to church. You will also be asked to provide your name and contact details for track and tracing purposes.

9 Under the latest Church of England guidance, we are operating a policy of 2 metres’ social distance. Please observe this on the way in to the church, when taking a seat for the service, and on exit.

10 On reaching the main aisle, please let whoever is on duty know how many are attending in your household/‘bubble’ and sit on the seat(s) to which you are directed.

11 Children are warmly invited to attend the service supervised by their parents (unlike normal they should not leave their seats); regrettably we are unable to provide any toys or books for them to play with.

12 The service will include organ music, but no singing by a choir or the congregation.

13 All baptised, communicant members of churches in which God the Holy Trinity is worshipped are welcome to receive communion if they wish. Those who are not receiving communion are warmly invited to come forward, if they wish, to receive instead a simple prayer of blessing. Please hold something in your hands as a sign that you wish to receive a blessing, and the president will bless you without touching you.

14 Please speak to the person on duty before the service if you wish to receive a gluten free communion wafer, or to have communion brought to you in your seat.

15 Communion in one kind (bread only) will be received standing, from a central station. Those coming forward for communion or a blessing are asked to form a single line as directed, socially distanced from one another following the floor markings, and return to their seats via the side-aisles.

16 The service is expected to last 40-45 minutes, and regrettably toilet facilities at church are not available.

17 At the end of service, you may be asked to stay in your seat until directed to leave, in order that exit from church can proceed in a socially distanced manner. Please follow the direction of the person on duty.

18 As you leave, an offertory plate will be available for cash and contactless donations will be possible via a card machine.

19 Outside the building, after the service, will be the moment to greet other members of the congregation in a socially distanced manner. Refreshments will not be served.

20 Following the service, the Church will be closed for 72 hours Please note that these measures are in place for the safety of all. We warmly thank you for your support and co-operation.

You can see some pictures of the arrangements at St John's here:

You can also watch a short film which tries to walk us through this new way of doing church here: