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What to expect!

Praise Pods is an interactive, multi-sensory church service for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their carers at Holy Innocents’ Church.  It is designed to be covid-safe, and caters for a maximum of 10 family pods.  Within each pod there is no limit on numbers, provided all are of the same household/bubble.

You MUST book for each service you attend.  When you book, we will send you a registration form, which you can fill out in advance, or on the day.  If you attend subsequent services, you will just be asked if there are any changes to your registration form.

There is plenty of parking at the church.  You can come in through the main door, which is pushchair accessible.  There is an area to leave your pushchair.  You will be shown to a ‘pod’ – this is a row of chairs marked off at each end.  We will explain to you (and to children old enough to understand) that this is your pod and you need to stay in it for the service.  If you have older children we will try and give you a larger pod with more room for movement!  If you’d like to bring a book or toy for your child to look at while other families are being seated, this is fine.
In your pod will be a bag of props and toys for use in the service.  These will have been cleaned or quarantined before use.  The service will involve action songs, storytelling, quiet time and dancing in your pod.  Only the service leader and children under 5 may sing, but adults can encourage them to sing and join in the actions!
You can change your little one in your pod at any time in the service if you have a mat, or there are toilets available in the Community Hall across the car park.

We are unable to serve refreshments at the moment, but you are welcome to bring refreshments for you and your little ones to consume at any point.

After the service is finished, there will be time to chat and play.  Indoors, you should stay in your pod and chat to nearby families.  Children need to stay in their pods but can play with toys and watch/wave to nearby pods.  Outdoors, children may play on the back lawn, but should not mix or share toys. 

We realise keeping apart may feel strange, and that little ones will not understand social distancing.  We ask that you follow these guidelines to the best of your ability.

When you are ready to leave, collect your pushchair and leave via the main entrance.  Let us know before you go if you’d like to book for another service!

To book your pod email Rev Laura Betson via  

Click here to view the Risk Assessment for Praise Pods.