hopewinsdowstjohnsOur Vision 

The vision of Kidderminster West is to share the love of
God with everyone we meet.  

We do this by serving the people of our communities and
making disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are an open and inclusive Christian community
welcome to all.



Our Key Values

WE WANT TO BE:jesuscrossstjohns

Approachable: authentic, friendly, tolerant,
warm and welcoming

Compassionate: caring, accessible, kind,interested
in one another, new people and the community

Enjoyable: having fun, laughing,
celebrating God among us


Service: serving God, giving our time and resources,
building friendships, serving the community

Empowerment: discovering God’s gifts in each
other, learning to be the best we can be

Spiritual life-Events: recognising God’s
presence in all of our life, and walking
alongside each other through
good times and bad times