A funeral in church is available to everyone.  Usually, your contact with the church and the clergy will come through a Funeral Director.  However, if you would like help or support with planning a funeral or with coping with grief, do contact the church or the clergy.

candles Usually you will be visited by a member of the clergy to plan the funeral service once the date and time have been arranged.  There are opportunities for you to make the service as personal and special as possible to help you remember your loved one and honour and celebrate their life before God. We can help you choose music, hymns, a Bible reading and another reading for the service.  There will be the opportunity for your or a friend/family member to speak or read during the service. Our clergy take funeral services at the crematorium.  If there is a particular clergy member you would like to take your loved one’s funeral, please speak to your Funeral Director.

Following the funeral, we are happy to be in touch for as long as is helpful with support and prayer.  We will invite you to our annual memorial service in November where you can choose to have your loved one’s name read out and light a candle in their memory. You will always be welcome at our regular Sunday worship, and you will find our congregations friendly and supportive.

For further information about Funerals in the Church of England see

Know that you, and all who are bereaved, are in our prayers at this difficult time.