Being a Christian

People become Christians through opening their heart to God and then by belonging to God’s family, the Church. We become members of the worldwide Church through our Baptism (also known as a Christening). In Baptism, we receive grace from God to become his adopted children and inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven. Being a Christian doesn’t stop with Baptism. We must live out our faith in our daily lives. We can do this by Worship, Prayer and Our Lives. 

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When we come to church on Sundays and on other days throughout the week, we are making time to praise God for his greatness and give thanks to him for his goodness despite our sins. Here at Kidderminster West, embrace the Catholic Tradition in the Church of England. We see the Eucharist at the heart of our worship, which is very similar to that of wider Catholic Church. The words and prayers in our liturgy are the same, and the use of bells and incense creates a more profound and enhanced experience of worship. By singing hymns, we are able to connect emotionally through the stories or prayers that lie in their text. The sermon or reflection which is preached every Sunday and Wednesday encourages us to reflect on the scripture readings that we listen to and helps us to live out what we have heard in our lives.


Praying is one of the ways we show our trust in God and our faith that he will always be with us. It invites God in and allows him to transform us.


When we were baptised, we were baptised into new life with Jesus, a life that is characterised by LOVE – love of God, of friends and family and of our neighbours. We should always think therefore about how we can live our lives to reflect the love that God showed us by giving his Son. There are a variety of reasons why people come to church for the first time. Perhaps they are new to the area or maybe they visited the church for a service like a baptism, wedding, funeral or services at Christmas or Easter. They may have been moved by something that was said, or maybe they are interested in connecting with God. Many people come into church because they feel they are being drawn in by a feeling inside of them. They may be looking for answers to life’s big questions, or seeking a place to belong. You might have attended church in the past and lapsed or you might be totally new to it. Don’t worry – you will be made to feel welcome here, whatever your reasons are for coming.

We will be delighted to see you. If you would like to talk to a one of the clergy team, please contact us.